Tower and hydraulic cranes

We present to you cranes produced by the Italian company Benazzato Gru Spa. The factory, with family traditions, was founded in 1963. It is one of the leading crane companies focused on self-erecting cranes. Through years of design experience, testing, innovative solutions and the highest standards, the company provides, through its network of representatives around the world, the best products.

Pionart, as a representative in Poland, offers full service and assistance with the purchase of Benazzato cranes, as well as after-sale service.

Fast assembly cranes - hydraulic

Units with outriggers from 16 to 40 meters are produced. The load range, which is from 400 to 5,000 kg, is one of the largest ranges in the category. The masts, with octagonal cross-section, booms, pins, ropes, are hot-dip galvanized, which guarantees long-lasting protection from corrosion. Fast installation time and no need for a heavy crane in the process make hydraulic cranes quite popular.

Tower cranes City

Tower cranes have booms ranging from 30 to 65 meters. They are characterized by functionality, strength and reliability. They are designed to work under constant stress in diverse environmental conditions. The boom is mounted on the ground, and later, with the help of a crane, it is attached to the tower. The cranes are equipped with counterbalance, while the main ballast is made directly at the construction site based on the technical drawing provided by the manufacturer.

The hydraulic cranes and tower cranes have rich accessories, such as radio control, wheeled chassis for transport, ballast lifting bracket, concrete anchors, cabins, etc. All cranes are CE certified and have instructions in Polish.