We would like to introduce you to work platforms and freight and passenger elevators, produced by the Italian company Electroelsa. The factory was founded in 1982 in the town of Poggibonsy (Tuscany), where it still exists today.

Platforms can be single or double mast with hot-dip galvanized solid square masts or triangular trusses. The maximum length of the working platform is 28 m, and the permissible climbing height is 120 m. The maximum lifting capacity is 3,500 kg.

Freight and passenger elevators rise on masts with square and triangular truss sections. The robust, hot-dip galvanized masts, allow carrying a load of up to 2,500 kg to a maximum height of 220 m for two-mast elevators and 1,500 kg to a maximum height of 120 m. The maximum ascent speed is 12 m/min. Cargo-passenger elevators are additionally adapted for transporting people.

The solutions used in the proposed products allow for easy installation and safe use. With a wide range of machines and competitive pricing, it is possible to match the right type to almost any construction site. Extensive accessories make the machines safe and convenient to use.

These products are an alternative to traditional scaffolding in cases where these cannot be used.

Pionart, as a representative in Poland, offers full service and assistance in the purchase of platforms and elevators, as well as after-sales service.

We also organize installation and acceptance of the Technical Inspection Office.