Reinforced concrete products is an indispensable element used in modern construction, where great attention is paid to the quality and aesthetics of the workmanship of reinforced concrete elements. At the same time, builders are designing more and more structures with architectural concrete, the achievement of which is conditioned by the use and placement of the concrete mix in the right way, but also by the use of appropriate reinforcement spacers, chamfer strips and anti-adhesion agents.

We sell accessories for reinforced concrete in the form of PVC and concrete horizontal and vertical reinforcement spacers, tubes for through-tighteners, cones, plugs, plugs, release fluids, sealing systems, hoses, bentonite tapes and more.

Products popularly known as stars, cookies, bananas, cones are now available in our offer.

There is also the possibility of buying ready-made sealing systems, allowing to achieve 100% tightness in the openings of through-strings in the case of the construction of tanks for liquids or gases, or in the case of external walls in facilities where we have to deal with high levels of the water column.

We also use this type of sealant when connecting two structural elements formed by process gaps. In all these sensitive areas, the use of sealing tapes or hoses avoids corrosion of the reinforcement and subsequent structural failure.

Release fluid increases the life of shuttering and sheathing. Thanks to its oily consistency, it protects the plywood both from the weather, but especially from the chemical components and additives in the concrete mix.