We have expanded our company's offer with a new group of equipment in the form of bending machines, shears and bender-scissors designed for processing rebar. The machines are produced in Italy by Sirmex with the best materials on the market and allow to easily form rebar, stirrups and spirals according to technical design. The result of the producer's experience in design and diligence and reliability in workmanship is the satisfaction and good reputation among clients around the world. With an ideal quality-to-price ratio, Sirmex equipment is sure to find recognition among demanding Polish clients. 

Our offer includes dozens of models of equipment for processing reinforcing steel:

  • benders for rods with a maximum diameter of Ø 46 mm and stirrups with a maximum diameter of Ø 16 mm,
  • benders and shears for rods with a maximum diameter of Ø 30 m,
  • shears for cutting rods with a maximum diameter of Ø 40 mm. 

SIRMEX BENDING MACHINES are designed, depending on the type, for bending rebar (reinforcing steel) with a diameter of 10 to 46 mm. Equipped with a reversible mechanism, they allow the table to rotate in both directions to its full extent. The table's angle of rotation is adjusted with high accuracy using steel stops. The bending machine automatically shuts off and returns to the starting position when the rotation angle set by the stop is reached.

Electric stirrup benders are designed to make stirrups with polygonal shapes and different side lengths. By making equal parts, a capacity of 700 to 1,000 stirrups per hour can be achieved (depending on wire diameter). The bender is equipped with a bending angle corrector that allows you to precisely set the size of the bend.

SIRMEX shears are designed to cut rebar to a specified length. They greatly facilitate work on construction sites. The shears are also used in armories and prefabrication plants.